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Ali Healy

Ali Healy



Ali Healy – Realtor®

Ali Healy is a Sixth-Generation San Franciscan who shares an unparalleled passion for serving the people of her hometown. She grew up in the Bay Area and lived in New York City while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Marketing from St. John’s University. Eventually, Ali’s love for the Bay Area brought her back to San Francisco and inspired her to pursue her passion with a career as a Realtor. She relishes connecting with people and leverages her business expertise and local property knowledge to help clients find success in their pursuit of a dream home.

Ali Healy is a devoted & passionate professional who gives high attention to details and serves diligently to earn the utmost satisfaction of her clients. She isn’t afraid to go the extra mile in the quest to help her clients navigate the complexities of property transactions and ultimately achieve homeownership. Ali’s clientele includes home buyers, sellers, & property investors. She shares an incredible interest in working with home buyers who are searching for a realtor who can help them find the perfect home at their desired pace. Ali manages a number of rental units throughout the city and brings that knowledge to the table for her investor clients as well.

Having a solid business background & expertise in tech sales, Ali Healy is an expert negotiator who never settles for anything less than the best. She knows the ins & outs of the Bay Area and leverages the grit & determination of a sportswoman to help her clients secure the best deals. Ali’s love for the city of San Francisco and her passion for serving the people inspires her to serve on the principles of trust, honesty, and integrity.

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